A night with the Nachtwacht

For Art teacher Stefan Kasper from Haarlem there was a cot ready last night in the Nachtwacht Hall. He got to sleep there because he was the ten millionth visitor of the new museum.

Source: http://nos.nl/artikel/2176257-ontwaken-naast-de-nachtwacht-in-m-n-hoofd-kwam-hij-tot-leven.html


Recycling CO2

“We recycle plastic, paper and metal; why can’t we recycle CO2?” Paul Bunje, Principal and Senior Scientist or Energy and Environment at XPRIZE, asked.

And now, not only have we recycled CO2, but there’s a tangible prototyped product from materials composed of the repurposed greenhouse gas. It happens to be a sneaker.

Source: http://www.coolhunting.com/tech/nrg-co2-sneaker