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The trend Reconnect is about having new and profound relationships between cultures. Unfortunately, discrimination is still a thing these days. The elections in The Netherlands in 2017 have even led to young people of non-western origin wanting a party that fights against racism and segregation (Van Gelder,2017).

News reports have shown that there is an increase in migration because of automation in developing countries. Clothing companies will drastically change their ways, because of the upcoming 3D-printers, therefore factories in developing countries won’t be as necessary in the future as they are now. While de worldwide access to the internet provides the world with higher expectations and ambitions. Developing countries also worry strongly about political conflicts and further growing climate problems, providing more people seeking refuge in other countries (ANP, 2017).

Last year, MiND (a hotline for discrimination on the internet) reported that there was a rise in complaints of 41% compared to 2015. Discrimination on grounds of origin was most frequently reported. Discrimination on grounds of religion was also reported a lot. Heated discussions about immigration of refugees have been the reason for discrimination against these refugees, which is 20% of all reports of discrimination (RTL Nieuws, 2017).

Fortunately, countries who accepted these refugees have developed lots of (Food) concepts to help strengthen and speed up the integration process. Food seems to bring people closer together.

Conflict Kitchen

 Conflict Kitchen, z.j.

Conflict Kitchen is a restaurant that serves food from countries with which the United States is in conflict with. The goal is to expand the knowledge and experience the public has with different cultures, politics and foods. “The restaurant rotates identities in relation to current geopolitical events”, as sais on the website of Conflict Kitchen. These topics can stimulate profound insights, strong conversations and, who knows, maybe even new relations (Conflict Kitchen, z.j.).


ali-cola-packaging-celebrates-diversity-designboom-02 Azzarello, 2017

ALI COLA, a drink developed by Aydin Umutlu, celebrates the diversity of men and women all around the world. This drink is available in six different (skin) colours, whereas the inside is exactly the same. The concept came after a German Politian said that intelligence is influenced by genetics. Umutlu uses these drinks to send a pro-integration statement in an ironic and humorous way. The campaign uses ‘cheers to tolerance’ as a slogan. Also, every consumer that buys the drink online will also support Kiron, an NGO that helps refugees get a good education (Azzarello, 2017).

Refugee chefs

Refugee Catering Services Wyers, 2017

This Parisian catering company hires refugees to make their integration in society easier. The refugee chefs make and introduce food from their native lands. Because of their new job, they are gaining new interactions between them and the French public. The refugees also use the food to create more empathy and understanding from the French citizens. The French people are thereby encouraged to share their network to create new job opportunities for the refugees (Wyers, 2017).

In order for everyone to feel welcome and accepted there has to be more understanding and social interaction between immigrants and natives. Prejudices and discrimination are things that should be tempered and ignored in order to build strong, social relations. In my opinion, people should make more of an effort in order to make the world an understanding and safe place, without people feeling left out or unwelcome. But is that a realistic goal? Seems as though people always want someone to blame when things go bad.


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